Special Events


Super Saturday One Day Course

taught by Alison McMahan

March 10, 2018

Head on over to https://frwriters.org/events/special-events/ for payment info.

Box lunch will be provided.

This course will show you the elements of craft needed to keep the reader turning the pages. These include plot and pace, the hooks to grab a reader and the cliffhangers to lead them to the next hook, the rhythm of the paragraph, the way to recognize and correct MRU violations (motivation reaction units).

Once we have a good plot outlined we will look at what makes good characters, character traits, and character arc.

We will look at deep POV and psychic distance.

We will look at dialogue.

Finally we will look at rhetorical devices and other techniques for crafting beautiful, impactful sentences.

Workshop attendees are encouraged to register early. Once you’ve signed up for the course you can send Alison a 1600 word sample (at least two consecutive scenes) from anywhere in your WIP. Alison will use the works submitted as examples in class. She also requests that you send a synopsis for your novel that is no more than three pages, double spaced.

Send scenes in Word, double-spaced, numbered pages, with your name and email on the top page.

Deadline for submitting scenes & Synopses is February 21, 2018. You must be registered for the course to send Alison a scene. Email scenes and synopses directly to Alison@Homunculusprods.com.

By submitting your scenes to Alison you are agreeing to have your work discussed in front of the entire class. Alison’s feedback will be in-class only.

Alison McMahan, Ph.D.,is the president of Homunculus Productions, a company that produces industrial, educational and documentary films. Her most recent film is Bare Hands and Wooden Limbs (2010) narrated by Sam Waterston. She is the author the award-winning book Alice Guy Blaché, Lost Visionary of the Cinema (Bloomsbury 2002), which was translated into Spanish, films rights sold to a Hollywood agency for production as a documentary. Her historical mystery novel, The Saffron Crocus (Black Opal Books, 2014), won the Rosemary Award for Best YA Historical and the Florida Writers Association’s Royal Palm Literary Award. Her short mystery “The New Score” was just published in the Fish Out of Water Anthology (Wildside Press), and her short story “The Drive By” will appear in the Busted anthology (LevelBest Books) in April, 2017. “Kamikaze Iguanas” will appear in the MWA anthology for middle grade readers entitled Scream and Scream Again, edited by R.L. Stine, (HarperCollins, 2018).





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